Web Hosting Checklist

In order to push a website live, or transfer hosting to our provider, the following information will need to be provided to our team:

What We Need
Items to Consider
Additional Information for Hosting Transfers

To initiate and complete hosting transfers to our provider, the following information will assist our team in properly transferring existing websites:

Domain Registrar and/or DNS Host Access:
What Is It?

Domain Name provider like godaddy.com. networksolutions.com or Domain Name service host like DNSMadeeasy.com.

Check to find DNS:

Is The Domain Registrar the Same as Hosting?

90% of the time, people host the website where they purchased the domain. However, the website (files) can be hosted with a different company than the company that is hosting the domain name. Start with finding the Registrar first.

Website Hosting Access
What Is It?

Website hosting is the monthly rented server space where the website files and CMS  are hosted. Many CMS providers also take care of hosting (like Wix, Squarespace, etc.), while a wordpress is usually hosted with a hosting company (Godaddy, Green Geeks, Blue Host, etc.).

Content Management System (CMS) Access:
What Is It?

Content Management System is the software that is used to manage website files, and is usually the platform the website is built on. WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Joomla, Godaddy Website Builder and even Instapage are examples of CMS.

Check What Content Management System (CMS):

Additional Items To Consider
Site URL(s)

If you are transferring a site to our hosting service, please include all URLs that will be transferred. This includes and subdomains (sub.yoursite.com). If you have an old domain redirecting to a new domain, it is good to let us know about that as well.

E-Commerce Integrgation

Do you have a current ecommerce solution in-place and you are looking to transfer your site? Whether you are using Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, OpenCart, or another ECom solution, let us know and get us the credentials to that shop so our developers can assess what is needed to transfer.

SSL Requirements

We supply a single standard SSL, single-site certificate per hosting account. Check with the client to assess needs for SSL, and whether or not a multi-site SSL is needed.

Email Hosting

We do not provide email hosting as a service. If the you are using current website host to also host email — and are planning on terminating that relationship after the website transfer — you will need to look at moving their email to an email hosting platform like Gmail or Outlook365.