Grant Wade
Grant Wade
Who's Grant Wade?

I am originally from the Inland Northwest and recently relocated to the Phoenix area. I have been working in the advertising industry for 3 years now with a bachelor’s in Advertising with an emphasis in Film & Television. I tend to focus on the automotive, aftermarket, offroad, and manufacturing industries based on the fact that that’s what I love to do outside of the office. If it’s the weekend I am out on different trails or working on something in the shop.

What Do I Like To Do in my Spare Time?
Pets & Rides

Exploration, Outdoors, Anything and everything Jeep (Just Empty Every Pocket)

This is me in Moab, UT at Easter Jeep Safar with Benny the Beagle. We love Beagles because they are a bit more robust and less prone to injury compared to our Dauschound, but are a great family breed due to their loving, trusting, and goofy personality
What Can I Do For You?

With the automotive side being my focus that still doesn’t count me out on heath care, restaurants, events, etc. I have been working in many industries and various business sizes throughout the years.