Grace Somers
Who's Grace Somers?

I have been with the Phoenix New Times & Voice Media Group for more than 6 years, continuing my almost 10 years in Marketing & Advertising. I specialize in e-commerce and performance campaigns, but have experience in MANY verticals including restaurants, retail, cannabis and many more. 

What Can I Do For You?

I think the better question is, what can’t I do for you? I assist my clients with Media Buying efforts including Print, Digital, SEO (both Local and Website), Programmatic, TV, Out of Home and much more!

What Do I Like To Do in my Spare Time?

If there’s a plane leaving PHX, I want to be on it. I’ve traveled to more than 16 countries and always have a next getaway planned. I also love being active, spending time with my family, friends and 2 dogs (a year old Dalmatian and a rescue Pitbull) and attending live music events.